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The Greatest

Man this was the best fking animation I have seen to date... I cant explain how amazing it was.. im glad i stumbled upon it.. Very creative and inspiring.. I think i might go back to flash after watching this! I love your style of music, and it goes perfectly into the atmosphere you implemented it in.. MASTERPIECE imo :)

The box speaks

Yes, we all have the dream of living the movie life.. even the boxes :) VERY GOOD

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You did a good job with this one :) Controls are smooth and responsive and the level design is great! fun to play

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If you are going to make a game with physics, it would be good to implement some sort of weight system, so the ball doesn't move around like it's a hollow paper cutout. Like many people said, good idea, but because it is so ambitious, you should spend some more time on polishing it. You're almost there, but for the current build, its hard to even get past the first level. Another thing, the ship should follow the mouse, it should not BE the mouse. A good way to implement this is to define a speed and the ship will move to the mouse coords at your defined speed. Good idea, needs more work.

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This is one of the few games on NG that i sent to my girlfriend (cuz of the "cute" factor) haha.. I thought it was really fun and i beat it in 17. something haha..

As for those who talk about story line and that type of nonsense... YOU GUYS ARE RETARDS... The pig falls through the hole and it needs to get out.. DOES EVERYTHING NEED TO BE SO COMPLEX.. goddamit lol.. people are stupid

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Looking out the window..

While the rain pours like thundering .. well..rain.. and behind the contour of my large neck lies a cat, snoring in its, what it almost seems as, eternal dream... oh yes I have gifted story telling capabilties.. im just not showing it off atm... but it is poring outside and the cat IS snoring on the bed behind me.. Great Piece. I can say this piece belongs in some game.. we are on newgrounds after all.. but it is more likely to be part of a blockbuster hit :)

SolusLunes responds:

I certainly hope so. In other news, I'm trying my damnedest to actually learn to play this live. But that's just me. :D

Your Comment

Honestly, your comment really set up the right feeling for the song. It really made me go back to all the people i've encountered in my life...

A strange feeling of loving someone, yet you can't even carry a full conversation with them.. like my sister :P haha (at least that's how i see it)

This song is a bittersweet moment...

I think this song best describes the time when the girl i was in love with had to move 4000 miles away from me.... if i recorded the moment we were letting eachother go in the airport, this would be most fitting hahah.

Thanks for this beautiful piece.


I like to see the different sides of artists... I especially like this one because it is such a dramatic change in style.. yet it's still beautiful .. YES VERY HAPPY!! almost sounds like you were listening to the beatles while making this(it sounds like it at certain parts of the song)

+ Songs like this wont get you famous(maybe it could, who knows), but it's how you tell a genuine artist from one who's just after tha dinero
+This song is very gentle and subtle, almost sounding fresh off the KID SONGS play list, but the more you listen to it... it loses it's childish qualities because of the complexity of the piece.
+Most songs arn't beautiful... this one is

MORE OF THESE PLEASE :) I've heard enough dark songs in my lifetime

SolusLunes responds:

You will have more.

I like happy songs. :D

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My favorite drawing by you so far... yea it's creepy, but that's what's so freakishly great about it.. 10/10 , 5/5

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I really love your style and the colors you use .. but i think you shouldve made that monster in the back more visible :)

Wolfenheim responds:

hes supposed to be creepin in the background until he spooks ya. like spagett, only scarier

Love Your Style

Hey i really love your style, and i think this is a great pic.. dont stop neva give up lalalalala.. heheh :) I was just curious as to what programs / tools you use to create ur art?

blurb :)

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